5 links for a rainy day

It’s sunday, it’s raining, so I’ve decided to geek. I’ve rebuilt this blog. Yeah, again ! And to test it, what’s better than publishing a new post? So, I’ve put here 5 links to keep you busy too:


Hugo is a fast and modern static website engine. You write some markdown, you run hugo and it generates a static website, that you can host on github pages for example. It’s what I’m using now for this blog.

It’s a young project, but it’s already very usable, a bit more generic and powerful than Jekyll. The documentation is nice. Since it’s written in golang, it’s very fast. And the live reload is so cool!

Sweet Alert

JavaScript’s alert and confirm are common. But they are ugly. It was time to have a replacement for them. This JS library is easy to install and use. And it offers a nice Wow effect for your users.

Live blogging of dotGo

Sourcegraph has live blogged the dotGo conference. If you are interested by golang, you should read it. You can learn some news, like the new gorename command.

The Mature Optimization Handbook

Carlos Bueno, an engineer at Facebook, has written an handbook about when and how optimize our code. I’ve just read the first sections, but it seems like a very valuable read.

Code Fights

This game has only one rule:

There is one logic bug on one line of this JS code. Find it, fix it, hit submit!

After several tries, my best score is 942. Can you beat it?